Jimmy Crowley & Eve Telford — Hello! Child Ballads Learned from Irish Travellers
“The Child Ballads, around for centuries, are so full of the ins and outs, ups and downs of humanity in all our admirable and shameful moments, that a listen to a fresh take on some of the big songs is always a revelation and a pleasure. No better outing than this new album ‘Hello’ by Cork’s Jimmy Crowley and Eve Telford. With a bunch of beautifully performed songs learned from Travelers, they sure-footedly lead us through the full gamut of human emotions and connect us once more with our deeper selves. A jewel of a record.” ~Paul Brady
New Album  Jimmy Crowley & Eve Telford (Child Ballads Learned From Irish Travellers) € 15.00
Get Jimmy’s extraordinary book, “Songs from the Beautiful City” and the  new companion double album  “Songs from the Beautiful City together  for just €40!

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New CD Nora Lee & Other Ballads (reissue) Jimmy Crowley € 15.00
Long on the missing list,  Free State are proud to present  Jimmy’s  re-issued, repackaged fifth album.Originally entitled simply, “Jimmy Crowley” on K-Tel Records, the work is now available with some new artwork on a digipack, cardboard replacing the earlier jewel box, bearing the title, ‘Nora Lee & Other Ballads”. Exactly as it was, the only sonic change has been a slight rise in the amplitude.
Produced by ace guitarist, Declan Sinnot, the album proclaims Crowley’s wide eclecticism with caustic urban ballads and self-penned songs  finding un-likely bedfellows with sentimental drawing room and Irish-American show songs. Recent CD – Irish Eyes: 2011 – Free State CD CRO 010 CD Jimmy Crowley and the Blue Macushlas € 15.00
The Morning Star: 2011 Marla Fibish Music Marla Fibish & Jimmy Crowley (available at CDBaby) Absolutely stunning…a thorough winner.” – LiveIreland “Great recording by two of the best; a must have CD for any mandolin or bouzouki player in Irish music.” — Dennis Cahill Soldiers’ Songs: The Irish Abroad and Soldiering: 2009 – Free State CD CRO 008 CD Captain Mackey’s Goatskin and Stringband € 15.00
Voted Best Irish Album by a New Band in 2009, Soldiers Songs is “nothing short of brilliant”, says the Irish American News. Beautiful design and extensive liner notes embellish the history through song of the Irish soldiers, both at home and abroad.
The Coast of Malabar: 2000 – Free State CD CRO 008 CD € 15.00
” A carefully crafted homage to his love affair with the sea and highlights his gifts as a composer and interpreter of traditional and new material. ” John Regan, FRoots
Sex, Sca, & Sedition: 1999 – Free State CD ALT 001 CD € 15.00
” Here are ballads about the millennium, the new Cork tunnel, about Mick Barry, the great bowler and a sardonic swipe at interpretive centres and every sacred cow grazing on Irish grass. Jimmy Crowley is convinced that there is a place for these post-modern bards he has recorded here in the national archives. ” Dick Hogan, The Irish Times, 1999
Uncorked:1998 – Free State CD CRO 007 CD € 15.00
” This is Crowley as he so uniquely is – an engaging balladeer with his own material in the precise voice of an uncynical and concerned consciousness. ” Fintan Vallely, Sunday Tribune, Nov 98
My Love is a Tall Ship: 1997 – Free State CD CRO 006 CD € 15.00
” Jimmy’s songs here have a passion, the ultimate personification of all that is good in the tradition of Ireland with a humor that is fresh and comforting. ” San Francisco Irish Herald, Feb 98
Jimmy mo Mhíle Stór: 1985 Gael Linn / The Orchard (available on iTunes)”The final test of any singer is whether or not you listen to him. I have Jimmy Crowley’s Jimmy mo MhíleStór in the car at all times.” Liam Clancy Re-Issue commemorative Box Set– includes The Boys of Fairhill, Camphouse Ballads and Some Things Never Change € 40.00
Re-issued from Freestate records, all the original Jimmy Crowley classics.
Some Things Never Change: 1981 – Mulligan LUN 045 LP € 15.00
” Jimmy Crowley may be the most underestimated talent in Irish music.Certainly Some Things Never Change is a gem and perhaps the best Irish album of the year—he also delves back to American and popular music of the fifties for an affectionate version of If I Didn’t Have a Dime with caressing accordion from Tommy McCarthy and rescues the Holy Ground from the depredations of the saloon bar. ” Bill Graham, Sunday Tribune
Camp House Ballads: 1979 – Mulligan LUN 031LP € 15.00
” Little need by said about this second album from Jimmy and his friends:it is as lively, refreshing and fruity as a bottle of Beaujolais Primeur – one of the most highly reccommended albums of the year. ” Tomás Mac Ruaidhrí, Irish Press
The Boys Of Fairhill: 1977 – Mulligan LUN 014 LP € 15.00
” Ex-chippie Jimmy has been flogging the scene since the sixties opting for pro just before the release of The Boys of Fairhill, learning his trade the only way there is – the hard way, playing like Raftery for pennies, writing and collecting his ballads, always among the people. Robert O Donoghue, Cork Examiner