Forthcoming Album 2020

Jimmy Crowley is currently working on an album of Child ballads (with a few exceptions) with his partner, singer Eve Telford. These songs were collected by the American folklorist Francis James Child, and compiled in five volumes (originally eight) published in 1860, under the title The English and Scottish Popular Ballads. These ballads were not just confined to Britain, however; they were also found in parts of America and Ireland, among other countries.

Jimmy and Eve are focussing on Irish versions of these narrative ballads, and have garnered many rare versions from such Travelling singers as Mary McGrath, Mary Delaney and Joe Connealy. The album will showcase the simple and profound enchantment of the Child ballad, through two voices accompanied by bouzouki or mando-cello— taking the listener back to cobbled streets and narrow boreens, well worn by horse and cart.